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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on November 22, 2015 at 6:25 AM

After nearly 25 years of interruption, Romania is restarting is national production of the delicious cider.

ANA ARE becomes the first Romanian manufacturer that brings to consumers the delicious and healthy cider.

Natural, fresh and full of healthy and necessary vitamines, the cider from ANA ARE is now reaching those who want natural products of the highest quality.

The new APPLE CIDER is made by the best manufacturers in the country, under the baton of healthy food lover: Mr. Daniel Guzu.

IRICE President Dr. Anton Caragea and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development-Mr. Daniel Constantin are touring ANA ARE and CASA PANCIU production facilities.

Cider is the perfect drink, is known as a perfect tonic and adds vitamins that help form the appetite, strengthens the immune system, helps heal faster and is appreciated as low-alcohol beverages, which make the joy of any event.

Cider from ANA ARE is obtained by fermentation of the must of apples, no sugar, water or other substances added.

It can be prepared with summer apples, autumn apples or winter apples, the latter being the best, because they are richer in sugar.

To get a good quality cider and a long-term storage capability, apples must be healthy and well washed, and this is precisely the promise of Daniel Guzu: only the best fruits end up in cider.

Romania restarts Cider production after a 25 years hiatus.

Cider was a magic drink, known for its healing virtues, since Dacian times.

Nowadays specialists appreciate the cider as a major factor in maintaining the balance mineral-vitamin because cider is rich in magnesium, silicon, iron, potassium, calcium, malic acid and vitamins A, B, C, PP, K.

Now cider, the drinks that bring joy, health and animates all the events can be found at ANA ARE.

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