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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on March 19, 2013 at 6:35 PM

On the invitation of Professor dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation ( IRICE), a delegation of ambassadors had attended the spring edition of the DISCOVER ROMANIA program by visiting Bucovina.

 Professor dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation leading the ambassadors group in a visit at Suceava University.

Bucovina is one of the most scenic spots of Romania, encompassing UNESCO cultural heritage sites such as: Voronet, Sucevita and Dragomirna and also geographical wonders that are transforming Bucovina in the land of magic, a focal point in world tourism 10 destination`s top.

Under the mandate of the recently elected President of Suceava County: Mr. Catalin Nechifor , Bucovina has being transformed in a prime interest area for investors and business community, becoming a rapid developing economic attraction, ambassadors invited to take part in the delegation, having the chance for first hand contact with local realities and rapid developing areas in Romania.

Being invited to attend the regular trips of DISCOVER ROMANIA program and visiting the natural and cultural scenic spots of Romania is a reward traditionally awarded to ambassadors that had successfully fulfilled their offices in the last six months, outstandingly promoting the bilateral relations with Romania. 

Ambassadors Group visiting Voronet Monastery ( UNESCO heritage center). In the center of the image : Kazakhstan Ambassador-Talgat Kaliyev, United Arab emirates Ambassador -Yacoub Yousif Al Hosani, Qatar Ambassador -Saad Mohamed Al Kobasisi and other diplomats.

„In the last years IRICE had organized ambassadors trip in gorgeous areas such as: Maramures County, Apuseni Mountain, Danube Delta and Hateg region and today we have felt it is the time to promote the fusion of art, culture and natural beauties but also the culinary specialities of Bucovina stated Professor dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation ( IRICE)„.

The program of ambassadors delegation headed by Professor dr. Anton Caragea was carved to include discussions on high level with authorities of Suceava county, with President of the Suceava Council: Mr. Catalin Nechifor, with the Rector Office of Suceava University( the university staff outlined the project of anew technologic campus , an investment to exceed 200 million euro) ,and discussion with leading business community members under the banner of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava.

After the productive and intense business discussion held at local level the ambassadors delegation had also enjoyed an exceptional cultural program designed with the support of president of the County Council: Mr. Catalin Nechifor. 

Sucevita an architectural miracle. Visiting: United Arab Emirates Ambassador-Yacoub Yousif Al Hosani, Qatar Ambassador -Saad Mohamed Al Kobasisi and President of Suceava Council County – Catalin Nechifor .

The visit had encompassed trips to UNESCO heritage monasteries of Voronet (world-famous for his outside wall paintings and for the unique Voronet blue colour), Sucevita and Dragomirna, trips to Horse Training Center where ambassadors enjoyed a practical riding lesson and Hunting Center, where ambassadors where informed about the rules and regulation for organizing hunting’s in Romania and also could taste unique cuisine of the region.

 Ambassadors Group at Vatra Dornei.

The tight schedule had included also stops to Ion Irimescu Sculpture Museum, where the fabulous Irimescu sculptures with prices ranging from 1 to 10 million euro where scrupulously admired by the ambassadors, a visit to Vatra Dornei and the world famous mineral waters of the area, where ambassadors also enjoyed a meal of trout and pheasants and an instructive working visit to Black Pottery Center form Marginea Village, where they could admire the famous craftsmen of Bucovina and learn from source how to produce the unique ceramic of the region with unchanged technologic process from the last 5.000 years.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea, AMBASSADOR FOR WORLD NATURAL PROTECTED AREAS had included in the ambassadors visit some of the natural reservations from Suceava County in order to highlight the importance of this area to the local economy. 

A moment of relaxation during trip. Ambassadors are trying their luck at a Bucovina typical dance.

The program also included a special culinary show in every night that had included deer stake with wild berry jam, rabbit and pheasants and more than 50 varieties of local cheese and famous Bucovina pastry, the richness of the food illustrating Bucovina as a fusion zone for oriental cuisine and for western culinary experiences.

The ambassadors present to BUCOVINA: LAND OF MIRACLES trip expressed their gratitude for the special trip to the land of magic: Bucovina on the spot visit, that presented before their eyes unique cultural treasures , unique taste of culinary magic and more important they have the privilege to encounter the real miracle of the area: friendly and warm people’s of Bucovina.

The Minister of Tourism had presented his special congratulation to the masterminds of the ambassador’s visits: Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and President Catalin Nechifor and especially for the ambassadors who had the honour and privilege to be selected to enter in the miracle realms of mystery and magic: Bucovina. 

Ambassador group visiting the famous Baciu House- the headquarters of delicious cuisine of Bucovina.

Ambassadors get courage for a Bucovina type dance in general joy.

The beauty of Bucovina horses.

 Touring the Palaces of Vatra Dornei.

 The famous pheasants of Bucovina.

Dialogue at the Camber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava county.

 Visiting the mineral water gushing station in Bucovina . Health from water.

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