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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on November 17, 2013 at 2:40 PM

More and more often is asserted that in XXI century the main problem for humanity will no longer be the search for food or hunger confrontation, as it was until now but insuring food quality.

In other words: the question will no longer be how we obtain our food, but WHAT WE EAT?

Also according to latest scientific research, more than 75% of diseases could be easily avoided by having a healthy, normal dietary life, based on natural ingredients?

Tifesti-Panciu a place blessed by God and mans alike.

Fortunately the Romanian buyer starts to have the opportunity to select natural based products, respecting old production recopies and offering a true treasure of vitamins and nutrients.

DIRECT FROM THE FARM is a new line of products that is combining the care for consumer health with attention paid to the nutrients and marking to decisive advantages that will catapult here in the first line of natural products manufactures: land and peoples.

DIRECT FROM THE FARM products are taking full advantages from the high quality soil from Vrancea-Panciu region. The land of the region is benefiting from a perfect combination of humidity and solar exposure for more than half of the year, all encompassing a hill inclination that is allowing the accumulation of solar energy and a soil of best possible quality, un-exhausted and full of valuable minerals for human body. The high quality of the land is insuring a high quality of the products and the manufacturing methods are wisely choose as to insure preservation of the vitamins and minerals in order to insure you a healthy, nutrient food.

As I was saying not only the land is blessed but also the peoples behind DIRECT FROM THE FARM are contributing to the success of this food production line.

The managerial team is lead by the astute Daniel Guzu, a man who knows the life values and knows that in order to gain you need to invest first in the health and well being of your family, and wellness can be maintained only by healthy food.

Apple`s gems straight from the orchard: without added sugar, preservatives or additives.

I was always interested in healthy food and so I come back to the village where I was born: Tifesti-Panciu vineyard-with the idea to establish a small plantation for me and my family. Afterwards I discovered that more and more people are searching for a healthy food and my passion overcome the stage of just a hobby.

Today on the valleys of Vrancea Mountains I supervise 150 hectares of vineyard and 80 hectares of orchard.

This plantation is equipped with a platform to use all the products of the orchard and all the fruits are either consumed fresh or transformed in juice or vinegar.

From grapes we are creating wines, jams and juices. For fruits we have build a storage facility with controlled atmosphere that is keeping the fruits fresh all year long.

Here also we are manufacturing our jams, pulp extracts and vinegar preservatives free and with not added sugar.

The chemical additives are reduced to the minimum in plants development and are untraceable in the fruits analyses.

I consume this products me and my family. My children’s are enjoying the fruits and juices produced at DIRECT FROM THE FARM

Daniel Guzu.

Today we present to the public a large variety of products that encompass: jams, juices, fruits and compote all natural and DIRECT FROM THE FARM.

DIRECT FROM THE FARM had become a name that cannot be replaced or bypass by the quality and good taste connoisseurs of Romania.

Healthy juice from natural fruits -DIRECT FROM THE FARM.

We must not forget the old and wise saying of our forefathers: you are what you are eating, if we are eating healthy food we will be healthy.

Let’s all taste the healthy products from DIRECT FROM THE FARM.

You can order on-line here:

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