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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on October 30, 2016 at 6:55 PM

Venezuela and Romania are long-term partners, dedicated in building a world based on dialogue and understanding, this was the conclusion of the bilateral consultations held on 26 October 2016.

Dialogue and consultations held by H.E. Ambassador Victor Carazo and H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The regular cooperation and consultation meeting had taken place between Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation and H.E. Victor Ramon Carazo, Ambassador of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The dialogue was opened by H.E. Victor Ramon Carazo, Ambassador of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with a powerful presentation encompassing the latest developments in the political life of Venezuela.


The ambassador presented his country efforts for peaceful dialogue and peaceful resolution of all the conflicts and made a compelling presentation of the efforts of H.E. President Nicolas Maduro in opening dialogue with the opposition.

Ambassador Victor Carazo outlined also his country positions on diplomatic arena and the efforts of President Maduro to put at the same table OPEC and non-OC members in order to achieve a normalization on the oil market.



Other lines of the diplomatic activities of Venezuela where also highlighted as the recent visit to the Middle East by President Maduro and the meeting with Pope Francisc who offered Catholic church mediation services in calming the internal situation on Venezuela.

On his turn Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President outlined the latest diplomatic activities like the official visits to the Kingdom of Cambodia (June 2016) and Laos (September 2016), high level visits that opened new venues of dialogue and economic presence between Romania and Indochina region.

Other diplomatic achievements were noted the creation of THE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, a world level initiative that is self-explanatory towards Romanian international prestige as the country is seen as a moderation and neutral force highly capable in supporting world parliaments to achieve SDG objectives of United Nations.

A thoroughgoing analysis of Venezuela situation made by IRICE President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Bolivarian Republic Ambassador-Victor Ramon Carazo.

IRICE President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea avail the occasion to express his amicable fillings and friendly interest towards the efforts of President Nicolas Maduro to consolidate Venezuela`s economic development and independence, open society and are creating a sense of perfect unity between the people of Venezuela and the government.

In the concluding part of the diplomatic encounter, H.E. Ambassador Victor Ramon Carazo presented the latest evolutions in the frame of bilateral relations, emphasizing the numerous solidarity activities of people of Romania with Venezuela`s revolutionary evolutions and building new bridges of understanding between Romania and Venezuela.


The parties had appreciated that between Romanian and Venezuela there are many common interests, designed to forge a good understanding between the two nations.

The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.


The regular consultations and frank discussions between Romania and Venezuela are a constant of the diplomatic relations and are the foundations to continue the dialogue and mutual understanding between the two countries and people’s.

The photo chronicle of the encounter can be accessed here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">PRESIDENT OFFICE

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