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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on September 1, 2019 at 11:20 AM

2019 had come with a novelty for diplomatic corps friends of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) who got a double invitation to the DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAMME, first time with the summer 2019 trip centered around VRANCEA country and PANCIU Domains and now with a second autumn invite for a trip to Danube Delta.


The DISCOVER ROMANIA 2019 autumn excursion by The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) will once more put compass head towards Murighiol and Danube Delta between September 8 to September 11.

As it`s known DISCOVER ROMANIA is IRICE program destined to acquaint diplomats and international friends of Romania and of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) with the country historical patrimony and leisure opportunities and destinations.

We hope that 2019 excursion will be a continuation of the successful declaration of 2017 as THE YEAR TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA.

The successful promotion campaign has managed to attract on Danube Delta a record of 120.000 visitors in 2017 compared to 71.000 last year stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

In 2017 PUFLENE RESORT and Mihai Puflene were being honored with the prestigious title of DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS.

At the heart of this sensibilization campaign aimed at informing Romanian public with regards to the extraordinary tourism potential of the Danube Delta was Mr. Mihai Puflene the General Director of PUFLENE RESORT and an avid and ardent promoter of the Danube beauties and potential, bent of sharing them with the world.


For his role in promoting Danube Delta as a center for relaxation and discovery for the entire Dobrogea (Dobrudja) region during 2016 and 2017/2018 diplomatic trips, Mr. Mihai Puflene and PUFLENE RESORT were named OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE).


PUFLENE RESORT: the creation of the Danube Delta connoisseur Mr. Mihai Puflene has become the center of Danube Delta discoveries journeys.

If we can transform 2019 in another the year of discovery for Danube Delta and we could elicit Romanian tourists and foreign diplomats in uncovering this treasure it is all due to Mr. Mihai Puflene and his efforts that attracted tourists and development in the area.

PUFLENE RESORT has also succeeded in setting a new standard for hospitality and elegance in the region and of public diplomacy, we must also be grateful to PUFLENE RESORT for the support offered in bringing diplomats in Danube Delta in discovery trips in 2016 and 2017 and now once more in 2019.


We have to give thanks to PUFLENE RESORT dedicated staff for an outstanding hospitality that we recommend to all those who want to discover Delta and to Mr. Mihai Puflene, the lover and connoisseur of Danube Delta, the man that aims to bring all Romanians to know and share the beauties of Danube we can only wish him Good Luck and we are continuously by your side, concluded Professor Dr.Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) has announced that on the pleasant occasion of the ambassadors visit to Danube Delta Mr. MIHAI PUFLENE will receive the distinction of TOURISM PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR joining the likes of Obie Wilchcombe -Tourism Minister of Bahamas, Lahcen Haddad-Tourism Minister of Morocco and Edmund Bartlett , Tourism Head of Jamaica etc.

Mr. MIHAI PUFLENE has been the heart and soul of a decades-long activity to foster tourism in Dobrogea (Dobruja), his actions started with the opening of REX HOTEL in Tulcea, expanded in building a colossal fleet of boats, flats and floating hotels destined to open up Danube for tourism and latest he opened up the first luxury top-notch resort in the region offering a friendly, carbon-free and nature protecting tourism packages across Danube Delta.

To honor these exertions centered on protecting nature, eliviating poverty and supporting diplomatic initiatives like DISCOVER ROMANIA and for a two decades spanned activity to open Danube Delta to the world we are so proud to nominate Mr. Mihai Puflene as the first Romanian ever named TOURISM PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR announced Professor Dr. Anton Caragea IRICE President.

The Autumn 2019 diplomatic excursion will take place from 8th September to 11th August and will be dedicated to diplomats and foreign friends and partners of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania and will be carved as an opportunity and invitation to discover Danube Delta heritage, history, culture, hospitality and culinary treasures.


The Autumn 2019 will start in the Islamic center of Dobrogea, the city of Babadag and his famous landmark: the SAR SALTUK BABA mosque and cultural complex.


Argamum citadel: the main center of trade and culture in the Black Sea region until V century AC.


Enisala fortress (general view) controlled in the medieval times the trade along Black Sea region and the Genovese sailors used it as a center of commerce and discovery (XII century).


Halmyris -Murighiol: a Greek and Roman citadel and fortification and the heart of Early Latin Christianity.

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