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Posted by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation on April 7, 2011 at 4:00 AM

Between 28 of March and 6 April 2011 a Romanian delegation from Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation has realized the election monitoring for Kazakhstan presidential poll.

The monitoring mission was realized based on an invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Between 28 of February and 28 of March the Monitoring commission has under scrutiny the mass media law, the election law, the political laws and the Constitutional Law of Kazakhstan and had operated a surveillance of the measure taken by the Central Electoral Commission in order to insure a free and open election atmosphere.

The conclusion of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation monitoring commission was that: the necessary steps in order to insure an honest and balanced electoral consultation respecting democratic standards were taken by Government of Kazakhstan.

The Romanian monitoring mission insured also the Election Day supervision, the supervision of counting and tabulation of elections results in a significant and representative number of sections and commissions.

The preliminary conclusion of the Kazakhstan monitoring mission was publicly presented on 4 April 2011 in a press conference at Ramada Hotel in Astana by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

The press conference included the presentation of Preliminary Monitoring Report for 3 April Presidential Elections and official presentation of data collected on election day and on tabulation phase, the conclusion being that the Monitoring Commission is endorsing the Kazakhstan elections as representing the free and democratically expressed voice of Kazakh people decision.

The final report of monitoring mission of presidential election held in Kazakhstan will be open in a double and concomitant ceremony in Bucharest and Brussels on 12 of April 2011. It is the first time when such a report is presented both as a Romanian and European Union document.

The Romanian report endorsing the free and fair character of Kazakhstan elections was presented on 4 April at 14:00 hour being fallowed at 16:00 by the Report of European Parliamentary Assembly endorsing also the democratic process of elections held in Kazakhstan and at 18:00 hours by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization report also supporting the elections result.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has responded afterwards to the interview requests from televisions channel as: Kazakhstan TV, CTB and Astana TV and also for an interview request with the Chief Editor of New Kazakhstan Journal.

The Romanian delegation also participated on the sidelines to the opening of a Special Hall at Modern Art Museum dedicated to Iuri Gagarin extraterrestrial flight in 1961, also visiting the Museum of First President of Republic of Kazakhstan the Romanian delegation was impressed to discover in an honorary placed the Doctor Honoris Causa Degree awarded by prof.dr.Anton Caragea to President Nursultan Nazarbaev during his visit in Romania.

Finally prof.Dr. Anton Caragea held the honor of speaking on Security and Proximity Policy of European Union at Euro-Asian University. This honor was previously awarded to Hillary Clinton, George Bush jr.-United States President and Prince of Norway- Haakon and President Emil Constantinescu of Romania.

The meeting with students and professors of university had marked a two hours dialogue on European Union realities and mechanism bringing closer Central Asia and Europe. Today democratic and prosperous Kazakhstan is transforming Romania in an entrance gate towards Europe and are building together a new euro-asian relation. Once Kazakhstan had obtained the democratic credentials Romania is having a stabile and open partner in Central Asia.

The involvement of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation in the supporting democratic process in Kazakhstan is a new bridge that is uniting the two countries.





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